Suitcessful Professional Attire Closet

Suitcessful Professional Attire Closet

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The SUITcessful Professional Attire Closet at the Center for Career & Professional Development is a program developed for current John Jay College undergraduate and graduate students who are interviewing for jobs and internships and are in need of appropriate professional attire.  The closet serves as a resource for students who are able to reserve one full business suit for an interview or employer event.  Suits are free of charge to borrow, and must be returned dry-cleaned with a receipt attached.  A variety of suits and other professional attire pieces are available through the program.


In order to help John Jay College students and maintain the SUITcessful Clothing Closet, we have created the set of policies and guidelines below.  We need your support to make sure that all John Jay students can benefit from the program.  Students that do not follow the policies and guidelines may be fined or receive other disciplinary actions.


The SUITcessful Clothing Closet program is available to current undergraduate and graduate  students at John Jay.

Borrow & Return Policy: 

Only one suit may be borrowed per transaction.  Clothing must be returned to the Center for Career & Professional Development on or before the date specified.  All suits must be returned in the same conditioned as received.  The suit must be dry cleaned and have a receipt attached.  It must be free of odors, stains or damages.  Damaged, un-cleaned, lost items, or items returned without an attached dry cleaning receipt are subject to fees.  All suits are distributed on a first come, first served basis. 

Late Returns, or Damaged Suits: 

Failure to follow these policies will result in a policy violation.  Those that accrue two (2) policy violations in a semester will lose access to the SUITcessful Clothing Closet for the duration of the academic year. Late Returns will result in a daily late fee of $25 for the inconvenience caused to other students. The suits in the closet are property of the Center for Career & Professional Development.  If a suit or clothing item is lost or damaged, the borrower will be charged a replacement fee as well as subject to possible disciplinary action.  Suits that are returned damaged or stained are also subject to a cleaning fee.  Please note the following replacement fees for each item:

  • Suit: $200
  • Blazer: $100
  • Pants: $50
  • Dress Shirt: $50
  • Tie or other accessory: $30
  • Late fee: $25 per day, per item
  • Cleaning Fee: $25 per item

Suitcessful Clothing Closet Request Form

To borrow a suit, please submit the following form. Requests should be submitted AT LEAST 24 business hours prior to pick up date. You will receive an email within one to three business days to confirm your request and the availability of a suit in your size. Please remember that by submitting a request, you agree to the policies and guidelines stated on our website.
Under construction. If you need a suit. Come in to L.72