Student Advisement

Student Advisement


FALL 23 ADVISERS- forthcoming      



(From May 17th - August 24th our Faculty Advisers are off.  They will resume in Fall 23 when classes begin.  Send all summer inquiries to, Robert or Alisa )

Dispute Resolution Inquiries- Professor Maria Volpe-  (Dispute Resolution Only)






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International Sociology Honor Society


Honors Concentration in Criminology 

Students with a cumulative 3.5 grade point average and have taken both STA 250 and SSC 325, and take a two-semester sequenced research internship (Soc 430-431) under the supervision of a full-time Sociology professor are eligible for an Honors Concentration in Criminology. Research internships are available in areas of studies that match faculty expertise--gang, immigration and crime studies, domestic violence, drug, prison studies, white-collar and corporate crime, victimization, and other areas. Contact the Faculty or Staff Advisors listed above.

Alex Smith Award for Excellence in Criminology 

In honor of Alex Smith, an esteemed professor emeritus, the Alex Smith Award for Excellence in Criminology is given to the outstanding graduating criminology major. 

Career Suggestions 

The criminology major offers students an interesting way to link academic work in college with potential careers in criminal justice, including police, probation, parole, corrections, courts, victims and juvenile service agencies and security in the private and public sectors. In addition to careers related to criminal justice, the criminology major, as a liberal arts major, is an excellent choice for individuals unsure about their career interests, who have interests outside criminal justice, or are thinking about graduate school or law school. Criminology majors are able to pursue the same range of careers in business or public service as students, who major in fields such as psychology, sociology or anthropology. 

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