Marticulated CUNY students receiving cash assistance must complete 30 hours of engagement year round.

You will recieve a HRA-154 letter in the mail just before each semester begins inquiring about your engagement. Please email us at when you recieve the notification from HRA or make an appointment with your advisor via email. 

What does Advisement Engagement look like?:

Advisement supports students academically, with personal development goals, and engagement with the college community.

The options for engagement while attending school consist of but are not limited to the following;

  • Classes
  • Internships
  • Volunteer Work & Community Service
  • University related Fellowships
  • Part-Time Employment
  • Supervised Study/Homework time


Advisement is imperative for the incoming and continuing student so that they feel integrated in college life, feel heard/ understood, and for the benefit of fostering a safe space that allows for meaningful conversations.  Advisement is fundamental for the development of the student.

Resources/Supports of CUNY EDGE:

  • Academic & Career Planning
  • Assistance with maintaining HRA compliance
  • Completion of school enrollment verification letter (W-700D) and most HRA-related forms
  • CUNY EDGE/ Mitsui USA full tuition scholarship and assistance identifying other scholarship opportunities
  • Assistance in navigating Degree Audit, Blackboard, & CUNY First
  • GPA achievement incentives
  • Graduation incentives
  • Limited intersession and summer tuition payment
  • Professional development seminars
  • Social services referral (homelessness, eviction and eviction prevention, domestic violence, child support, and other assistance as required)
  • Referral to tutoring Center
  • Liaise between campus departments Academic Departments, Jay Express, Counseling Services, Financial AidOur Children's Center, Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD), Registrar, Student Council, Center for Student Life (CSIL), and Wellness Center.
  • Referrals and collaboration with other special programs Urban Male Initiative (UMI), CUSP Advisement Center (CUSP)Accessibility Service, PRISM, The Percy Ellis Sutton SEEK  and the Study Abroad office.