E-Time & Leave

How to Approve RF Timesheets

  • Log on to www.rfcuny.org with your RF User ID & Password.
    Under the E-Services Menu on the top of the screen, click on the Time & Leave option.
  • A calendar will appear. Click on the pay period end date that you need to approve time sheets for. Please note: Dark blue dates are pay periods that are open for online submission/approval. Light blue dates are pay periods that are closed out. Paper Retro-active time sheets will need to be submitted for any closed pay periods.
  • Select the project number. If you only have one project, the screen will display the Employee Summary Page.
  • The Employee Summary Page indicates all employees currently on the project. Click on the View/Edit link to access the employee’s Time sheet. Please note that employees should be submitting their hours for approval. You will know when your employee has submitted a time sheet by the “Timesheet Status” indicator – It should reflect a blue “Submitted” status. If the Timesheet Status is reflected as a yellow “New” status, contact the employee so that a timesheet can be submitted.
  • If the hours indicated by the employee are accurate, scroll down until you see a “Preview Timesheet” and click on it.
  • Scroll down again until you see a “Save & Approve” button. Click in order to approve the timesheet.
  • Contact canne@jjay.cuny.edu with any questions.