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A World-Class Education  

John Jay College has been a world leader in educating for justice since 1964. We define justice both narrowly, with an eye toward meeting the needs of criminal justice and public service agencies, and broadly, in terms of enduring questions about fairness, equality and the rule of law.

We are recognized globally for delivering the highest standards of graduate training and professional education.  As a graduate student, you will have access to a wide range of resources and opportunities to help you succeed in your education and eventual profession, such as a renowned faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, research capabilities and strong partnerships with industry leaders.

StudentWhy choose John Jay College?

Our Mission: We are committed to preparing students for meaningful career opportunities in a diverse range of fields including criminal justice, public administration, forensic science and security management among others.

Our Philosophy: We promote a multi-disciplinary approach to creating justice through education, advocacy, research and collaboration.

Innovative Programs: We offer a variety of graduate degrees with an innovative curriculum, a student-centered focus and a collaborative scholarly environment.

World-Class Research: John Jay College fosters an academic environment that promotes scholarship and encourages research across a diverse range of subjects.

Our Faculty: Our globally recognized and highly engaged faculty is devoted to giving students individual attention for stimulating their ideas, and counseling them on career choices.  

Our Setting: Beyond our campuses, our students experience the blend of culture, entertainment, business and social energy that makes New York City one of the greatest places in the world. 

Our Resources: John Jay College offers abundant resources from financial aid counseling to educational workshops and career services for professional development.

Track Record of Accomplishments: Our graduates have distinguished themselves through leadership positions in government, non-profits, businesses, and international organizations housed here and abroad. 

StudentThe Dynamic Range Of Our Masters Programs

Master of Arts in Criminal Justice
This program encompasses a general survey of the field, covering research methods, causes of crime and analyses of the police, courts and the correctional system.

Master of Arts in International Crime and Justice
The first of its kind in the United States, this program combines advanced substantive knowledge of international crime challenges and domestic and international responses.

Master of Arts in Economics
This program focuses on issues of economic justice such as economic democracy, diversity, inequality, sustainability and community development.

Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology
This program focuses on the understanding, evaluation and treatment of both offenders and victims. Joint MA/JD in Forensic Psychology & Law programs with CUNY Law and New York Law School are also available. 

Master of Arts in Forensic Mental Health Counseling
As a "license eligible" program, this satisfies New York State's educational requirements leading toward professional licensure as a Mental Health Counselor, with a specialization in forensics.

Master of Arts in Human Rights 
This program offers advanced professional education that focuses on key concepts, principles and norms, such as human dignity, non-discrimination, equality, due process, empowerment, human security, human development, and accountability from a domestic and international perspective.

Master of Public Administration
This curriculum is offered as two distinct programs, one with a focus on Policy and Administration and the other on Inspection and Oversight.

Master of Public Administration & Master of Science in Protection Management
This dual-degree program prepares students for careers in organizations that plan, design, manage, evaluate and operate protection and emergency management systems.

Master of Science in Forensic Science
Drawing from the areas of chemistry, biology, physics and law, the program involves the mastery of techniques for the laboratory and the courts.

Master of Science in Digital Forensics and Cyber Security
This program balances practice and theory through study in computer science, law and criminal justice.

Master of Science in Protection Management
This program offers advanced professional education in theory, design, management and operation of fire and security protection, and emergency management systems.

ONLINE Master's Programs 


Doctoral Programs  

John Jay offers doctoral programs in psychology and criminal justice in conjunction with The City University of New York’s Graduate Center. Click here for more information. 

Certificate Programs
In addition to degree programs, John Jay offers several certificate programs ranging from forensic accounting to terrorism studies, crime prevention and analysis and forensic psychology for students seeking career advancement and continuing education.


Students Studying     

Our Application Process

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  1. A secure online application account will enable you to apply and track the status of your application.
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  3. Once your application is completed, it will be reviewed by the program’s faculty admissions committee. 
  4. You will receive an application decision and be notified via email. You will be able to log into your online application and view, accept or decline your decision.  
  5. If you are offered admission, you will need to submit a commitment deposit to confirm your enrollment.