Art & Music Minors

Art & Music Minors

Art Minor

The Art minor provides students with the opportunity to integrate art with other academic and research pursuits. It is designed for students to conducting studies in both studio art and art history with an integrated, mixed media approach. Students selecting the minor in Art are seeking a unique program of study where the visual arts provide opportunities to problem-solve creatively and efficiently. These skills can be applied in a variety of settings and professional fields. (RequirementsAdmissions)

Minor Coordinator: Prof. Cyriaco Lopes (646-557-4823,

Music Minor

The music minor offers students the opportunity to explore music through a comprehensive and multi-faceted approach. The minor combines core requirements with two areas of concentration, Music History/Comparative Music, or Composition/Technology/Theory. Through the study of western art music and comparative music studies such as Carribbean music, world music, and pop, rock, and jazz, the student examines and developing a foundation in the basic skills of music making.(RequirementsAdmissions)

Minor Coordinator: Dr. Benjamin Lapidus (212-237-8339,

Egyptian musicians in ancient times
Art & Music
Art & Music

"Art is the experimental exercise of freedom"
Mario Pedrosa

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