Report a Complaint

If something is wrong, please report it. We investigate reports thoroughly and remedy any problems they reveal. We also provide supportive measures to make things better even before our investigation is finished. We forbid anyone from retaliating against you for reporting a complaint. If confidentiality is a concern, tell us that, and we may be able to take steps to address the concern.

How do you report a complaint? That depends on what the problem is. See the sections below.

Public Safety

Behavior involving physical assault or acts of aggressive behavior, including verbal threats of violence, should be reported to Public Safety. This applies to things that happen on campus, on property adjacent to campus, and at locations at which College activities are taking place, like athletic fields. For behavior not involving the College, contacting Public Safety can get you connected to the right law enforcement resources, like the NYPD.

Contact Public Safety by:

  • dialing 212-237-8888 for emergencies;
  • dialing 212-237-8524 for non-emergencies;
  • speaking to an officer at the Public Safety desk at any campus entrance;
  • visiting the office in L2.61NB; or
  • emailing the Director, Diego Redondo, at

Behavioral Intervention Team

The purpose of the Behavioral Intervention Team is to provide threat assessments and early intervention before a crisis arises on campus. Often, the team deals with students displaying moderate to elevated levels of distress, disruption, or behavioral dysregulation. If you believe a student poses a risk to themselves or others, report that to Public Safety using the information above, or to the Behavioral Intervention Team. For the Behavioral Intervention Team:

Compliance & Diversity

Discrimination should be reported to the Office of Compliance and Diversity. To report discrimination, use CUNY's centralized reporting platform (which will alert John Jay's Office of Compliance & Diversity).

Sexual misconduct should also be reported to Compliance & Diversity, by contacting either:

  • Gabriela Leal, Director of Compliance & Diversity, Haaren Hall Room 623, 646- 557-4674,; or 
  • Jordana Shenkman, Deputy Director of Compliance & Diversity, Haaren Hall Room 622, 646-557-4409,

Labor Designee

Employees who have questions and concerns related to labor practices and contract issues should contact the Labor Designee: 

Human Resources

Behavior that creates tensions between employees should be reported to the Office of Human Resources. Human Resources also offers free and confidential counseling resources to staff and faculty who have concerns. This resource is available whether or not the employee chooses to file a formal complaint. For Human Resources, contact:

Dean of Students

Behavior creating tensions involving students should be reported to the Dean of Students: