Repetition of Courses

Repetition of Courses

Prohibited Repetition
A course for which credit has already been granted may not be repeated.  Students will not be granted credit toward their degrees for repeated courses.

Required Repetition
Students who receive the grade of F or WU in a required course must repeat the course at the next earliest opportunity. 

Students who do not pass remedial or developmental courses must re-enroll in these courses during the next semester of attendance.  The following remedial or developmental courses and their SEEK equivalents are offered, among others, at the College:

English-W 100/SEEK English 093 and 094
Mathematics 100/SEEK Mathematics 095
Mathematics 103
Communication Skills 101/SEEK Communication Skills 101
Communication Skills 102/SEEK Communication Skills 102
Speech 101 

Limitation on the Repetition of Remedial and Developmental Course

The following policy shall apply in the matter of grades assigned for remedial and developmental courses (see list in Required Repetition section of this chapter):

  • A student shall not be permitted to register at the College if he or she has received two Fs, WUs, or Rs, or any combination thereof in the same course or its SEEK equivalent;
  • After receiving two Fs, WUs, or Rs, or any combination thereof in the same course, the student is stopped from registering at John Jay College until he or she passes the course at a CUNY Community College.  This decision is final.
  • Students wishing to continue within CUNY must apply to and be accepted by a community college.