Property Management

Property Management

The Department of Property Management (Property Management) is responsible for the initial data entry and annual re-inventory of College Inventorial Assets into CUNY’s centralized Fixed Asset System (INSITE).

The JJC Inventorial Assets Transfer/Recycle Form (see below) was created to assist Property Management in keeping track of works of art, historical treasures, furniture and fixtures, vehicles, computer software, equipment/computer hardware and sensitive equipment.

Property Management must be notified each time you want to move inventorial assets such as computers and artwork purchased at $1,000 or more and with a useful life of two or more years. These moves can be either to another room within a department; to another room outside of your department or if you just want it removed from your department. The same goes for inventorial assets such as furniture and equipment purchased at $5,000 or more. Property Management must also track equipment classified as “Sensitive”. Sensitive equipment is defined as equipment with a cost of $500 to $999.99. Sensitive equipment includes laptop and desktop computers, printers, disk storage units, scanners, DVD players, DVD recorders, CD rewriters, external CDROMs.

To download any of the following:

  • - Inventorial Assets Transfer/Disposal Form (Memo)
  • - Inventorial Assets Transfer/Disposal Form
  • - Inventorial Assets Transfer/Disposal Form Addendum


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Louis A. Perillo
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