Minor in Counseling

Minor in Counseling


Counseling Minor

Description. The Counseling Minor provides a valuable educational opportunity for those students interested in seeking employment or graduate school admission within the human services, social work and counseling professions.  It is a perfect complement for those students majoring in Forensic Psychology, Human Services and Community Justice, Criminal Justice, and related degrees.  The counseling minor provides skills based training requisite to working effectively as a helping professional. Professional helpers work in a variety of settings including mental health facilities, business and industry, substance abuse clinics, health centers, educational settings, corrections facilities and in a broad range of criminal justice and public service agencies.

Rationale. The Counseling Minor is rooted in the expanding demand for competent professional helpers who possess the skills and abilities necessary to confront a wide range of contemporary challenges facing diverse, at risk and underserved populations in need. The courses help students acquire foundational competencies such as communication and helping skills, knowledge of human service theory and a general awareness of the impact of race, ethnicity, gender, family, spirituality, government, education, and social systems on human growth and development in our society. Students will learn to assist others in numerous human service capacities including problem resolution and prevention, advocacy, community resource management, and individual and community intervention.

For information about the Counseling Minor requirements, see the 2018-2019 Undergraduate Bulletin.

Minor Coordinator: Professors Cary Sanchez-Leguelinel (212.237.8147, csanchez@jjay.cuny.edu) and Mickey Melendez (212.237.8101, mimelendez@jjay.cuny.edu), Department of Counseling and Human Services

Human Services Minor

Please note: The College is no longer admitting new students to this minor. For information about the Human Services Minor requirements, see the 2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin. For students who are interested in a counseling-related minor, see the Counseling Minor in this bulletin.

For more information, contact Professors Cary Sanchez-Leguelinel (212.237.8147, csanchez@jjay.cuny.edu) or Mickey Melendez (212.237.8101, mimelendez@jjay.cuny.edu), Department of Counseling and Human Services