Hiring/Rehiring Staff on RF Projects

Hiring/Rehiring Staff on RF Projects

Hiring/Rehiring Staff on Sponsored Projects

E-Onboarding  for Research Foundation Employees is Here!

The system is designed to make all hire paperwork electronic for submission. This includes New Hires and Rehires with a break in service of 120 days or more. See steps below for getting your RF employees onboarded!

If you have any questions, please contact Cherryanne Ward at 212-621-3718 or cward@jjay.cuny.edu

  1. Special Notes:

  • Full Time CUNY Faculty and Staff, cannot be placed on Research Foundation Payroll.

  • Adjuncts and Part Time CUNY Staff can be placed on Research Foundation Payroll, but a Multiple Positions Letter will be required. The CUNY and RF funding cannot be used to support the same position.

  • The College is now mandating that all PIs/ Timekeepers, and Authorized Signatories with access to the Research Foundation e-PAF and e-Timesheet Systems complete a Mandatory e-PAF and e-Timesheet training before completing any e-PAFs or approving any e-Timesheets for their employees. If you have not completed a training thus far, please reach out to Sponsored Programs at sponsoredprograms@jjay.cuny.edu to find out when the next available training will be held.

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