Dante A. Tawfeeq

Dante A. Tawfeeq

Dante A. Tawfeeq
Associate Professor
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  1. Ph.D., Florida State University (2003)
  2. Graduate Certifcate in Institutional Research, Florida State University (2017)
  3. M.Ed., Florida A&M University (1997)
  4. B.S., Florida A&M University (1995)


Dr. Danté A. Tawfeeq is an associate professor of mathematics at John Jay College of the City University of New York. He is also the director of the Math Foundations Quantitative Reasoning program. As director he develops curriculum and policies that support students’ learning of mathematics at the college. His professional portfolio includes 9 years of teaching and program assessment at middle and secondary schools. Additionally, Dr. Tawfeeq has 14 years of experience teaching mathematics and mathematics teacher education courses at both majority and minority serving institutions of higher education. He has worked as a research assistant for the Eisenhower Consortium for Mathematics and Science Education as well as a program developer for the Florida Collaborative for the Excellence in Teacher Preparation. Dr. Tawfeeq is currently working with the Youth Career Connect and Expanded Success Initiative, which are two New York City Public School initiatives that support STEM education.

Dr. Tawfeeq was named a Massachusetts Institute for College and Career Readiness (MICCR) Senior Research Fellow. He will be in this role from 2015 to 2018. Dr. Tawfeeq also received a Fulbright Award in January 2015 to work with the Namibia University of Science & Technology (NUST). In this role Dr. Tawfeeq will assessed NUST's InSTEM program and offer suggestions on how to strengthen student support services relative to STEM learning.

Dr. Tawfeeq's research interest includes the analysis of Black and Hispanic students’ performance on mathematical assessments; PD for in-service teachers of mathematics that work with large at-risk populations; the instruction of mathematics to underprepared college students; problem centered learning in algebra and calculus, the design and validity of mathematics assessments; and the intellectual identity of urban at risk male students. The results from several research and service funded projects that Dr. Tawfeeq directed has led to published work.

Danté A. Tawfeeq received his B.S. and M.Ed. from Florida A&M University and a Ph.D. in mathematics education from Florida State University.

Scholarly Work

  1. Tawfeeq, D.A., Hakim, I. A., & Greene, P. (2013). The Case of African American Males’ AP Calculus Test Scores: A Snapshot of the District of Columbia as Panoramic View of the Nation. Journal of Education and Social Justice, 1(1), 86-101.
  2. Tawfeeq, D.A. & Yu, P.W. (2013). Methods of Studying Black Students’ Mathematical Achievement: A Critical Analysis. In J. Leonard & D. B. Martin (Eds.), The brilliance of Black children in mathematics: Beyond the numbers and toward new discourse, (Ch. 3). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishers.
  3. Tawfeeq, D.A. & Yu, P.W. (2012) Developing a Socio-Cultural Pragmatic Mathematics Methods Course. Journal of Urban Mathematics Education, 5(2), 28–43.
  4. Yu, P.W. & Tawfeeq, D.A. (2011) Can a Kite be a Triangle?  Bidirectional Discourse and Student Inquiry in a Middle School Interactive Geometric Lesson. New England Journal of Mathematics, XLIII, 7-20.
  5. Tawfeeq, D.A. (2011) Teaching Assistants Who Instruct Preparatory Mathematics To Academically Challenged First Year College Students. PRIMUS, 21(01), 4 - 13.
  6. Hakim, I.A. & Tawfeeq, D.A. (2010). Intellectual and Visual Prompts: An Essay on Issues Affecting the Linguistic and Mathematical Learning of African American Male Students. Journal of Urban Education: Focus on Enrichment, 7(1), 62-73.
  7. Tawfeeq, D.A. (2009). Team Mentoring: Cooperation and Success without Consternation. NCTM Books on Empowering Mentors of Beginning Mathematics Teacher.
  8. Tawfeeq, D. (2007) The review of relevant mathematical content for theteaching of middle and secondary mathematics via two methods courses: An integrated approach. Abstracts of Papers Presented to the American Mathematical Society, 28(1), 334.
  9. Tawfeeq, D.A. (2009). Team Mentoring: Cooperation and Success without Consternation. NCTM Books on Empowering Mentors of Experienced Mathematics Teacher.

Research Summary

  1. Along with PI, Dr. Robert Bradley, Dr. Dante A. Tawfeeq, the Co-PI, was awarded a grant of $895,900 from The National Science Foundation. This award will support the project entitled "TOMS - Teachers of Mathematics Scholarships" and will provide a cohort of pre-service teachers with training that will prepare them to instruct mathematics in high need schools (Fall 2009 –Summer 2014)
  2. PI and Project Manager: $200,000 from the US Department of Education for the Intensive Summer Institute of Mathematics and Science Education (Summer 2010)
  3. PI, Danté A. Tawfeeq, and Co-PI, Paul Yu: Awarded $40,000 from the Educational Advancement Foundation. This is the continuation of previous grant with the added component of the creation of a Inquiry and Applied Based Pre Calculus textbook (2010-2011)
  4. PI, Danté A. Tawfeeq, and Co-PI, Paul Yu: Awarded $50,000 from the Educational Advancement Foundation. Title of proposal: Conceptualization of Pre- Calculus/Calculus via IBL, PBL and Bi-Directional Discourse (July 14, 2009-July 13, 2010) 
  5. PI, Dante A. Tawfeeq, and Co-PI, Veronica Orozco, awarded Faculty Research Grant for $2000 titled “ Psychosociocultural Factors in the Math-Related Achievement of Black American and Latino High School Students: An Exploratory Study” (November 2009-November 2010)
  6. PI, Danté A. Tawfeeq and Project Manager: Awarded $302,581 from the New York State Education Department. Created a program of courses that will help strengthen the mathematical and science content knowledge of 5-8 grade teachers. Co PI’s along with Dr. Elizabeth de Freitas and Prof Mary Jean McCarthy (Summer 2008)
Area of Expertise

Faculty Expertise: topics/keywords

  1. Field Clinical Certification: State of Florida Certification to Supervise Teaching Interns
  2. Mathematics 6-12: Florida, Professional Teaching License: Exp. 2019 (Applied for NY Cert.)
  3. National Council of Accreditation for Teacher Education (NCATE) (Now merged under the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation)
  4. Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) accrediting evaluator.