Director, Center for International Human Rights

Professor of Political Science and Criminal Justice, City University of New York

The Center for International Human Rights is currently being directed by Professor George Andreopoulos. George Andreopoulos is Professor of Political Science at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice and at the Graduate Center, CUNY. He is also currently President of the Comparative and Interdisciplinary Studies Section of the International Studies Association. Professor Andreopoulos studied history, law, and international relations at the Universities of Chicago and Cambridge. Before coming to CUNY, he taught for several years at Yale University, where he was the founding Associate Director of the Orville Schell Center for International Human Rights. He has written extensively on international security, international human rights, and international humanitarian law issues. His recent publications include Non-State Actors in the Human Rights Universe (with Zehra Arat and Peter Juviler) Kumarian Press, Concepts and Strategies in International Human Rights (ed.) (Peter Lang);The Laws of War: Constraints on Warfare in the Western World (with Sir Michael Howard and Mark Shulman, Yale University Press); and Human Rights Education for the Twenty-First Century (with Richard Pierre Claude, University of Pennsylvania Press). The Human Rights Education book has appeared in a Japanese, Chinese and Portuguese translations and has been nominated for the Grawemeyer Award in Education. Professor Andreopoulos is currently completing a book on Humanitarian Intervention for Yale University Press and serves on the Editorial Board of Human Rights Review. Over the years, he has participated in several human rights missions, most recently in Sierra Leone to study and prepare recommendations on accountability mechanisms in that country. Professor Andreopoulos was President of the Human Rights Section of the American Political Science Association from 2003 to 2004.

Recent Select Publications and Presentations:

Private Military and Security Companies and the Quest for Accountability (with John Kleinig

    eds.) Routledge, 2015.

The Uses and Misuses of Human Rights: A Critical Approach to Advocacy (with Zehra 

    Kabasakal Arat eds.), Macmillan/Palgrave 2014.

(Ed.), Policing Across Borders: Law Enforcement Networks and the Challenges of Crime  

    Control. Springer, 2013.

The ‘Turn to Protection:’ International Human Rights Law/International Humanitarian Law and  the implications of their convergence;” in Henry F. Carey and Stacey Mitchell (eds.), Understanding International Law through Moot Courts: Genocide, Torture, Habeas Corpus, Chemical   Weapons and the Responsibility to Protect. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books 2014.

“UNSC Mechanisms and Processes to address Gender-based Violence,” presentation at the

    Annual International Studies Association Convention, New Orleans, February 2015.

“The Greek Crisis and its Implications for the European Union,” presentation at the Annual 

    International Studies Association Convention, New Orleans, February 2015.

“A Human Rights Perspective on Human Trafficking,” remarks at a panel on Human Trafficking,

    John Jay College of Criminal Justice, March 2015.

“The Challenges of Reconciliation in Divided Societies: Lessons from Abroad,” remarks at a

    workshop of the Pritzker Reconciliation Working Group, National Network for Safe

    Communities,” John Jay College of Criminal Justice, March 2015.

“Greece after the Elections: Challenges and Prospects,” Lecture at the Hellenic Cultural

    Association, Bridgeport, Connecticut, March 2015.

“From Humanitarian Intervention to the Responsibility to Protect: The Evolving Discourse on

    Human Protection,” presentation at The Institute for Multicultural Communications, 

    Cooperation and Development Inc., May 2015.

“The Greek Crisis in Context: National and Regional Dimensions,” organizer and participant in

    panel discussion, Left Forum Conference on No Justice, No Peace. Confronting the crises of

    capitalism and democracy, May 2015.

“The Greek Crisis and Its implications for the Future of Europe”, lecture at the University of North Carolina at Asheville, October 2015.

“From Humanitarian Intervention to the Responsibility to Protect,” lecture to the World Affairs Council of Western North Carolina, October 2015.

“States of Emergency: Lessons from the European Human Rights Regime,” lecture at the University of California at Berkeley, October 2015.

“Trials and tribulations: the fall of the Greek junta and the quest for accountability,” lecture at the University of California at Santa Barbara, October 2015.

“Human Rights in Greece. Challenges and Prospects,” lecture at the University of California at Santa Barbara, October 2015.