Department of Interdisciplinary Studies / ISP

Department of Interdisciplinary Studies / ISP

The Department's statement on the recent protests:

The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies and the Vera Fellows Program stand strongly in support of #BlackLivesMatter, #BlackTransLivesMatter, and #SayHerName.

Because the U.S. justice system emerged from practices of colonization, genocide, and slavery, we believe that teaching justice requires an interdisciplinary and intersectional approach to problem solving, one that prioritizes critical race, class, and gender lenses. 

We believe that students should be engaged as co-learners with their teachers, and that our professors should actively reflect on the power and privilege they hold in the academy and within society.

We are committed to the success of Black and Brown students. We stand with our colleagues in the Africana Studies and Latin American and Latinx Studies departments, our Gender Studies program, and the Black Student Union in ensuring that the experiences and interests of our students of color are reflected in curriculum, pedagogy, mentorship, and research opportunities.

The faculty and staff of DIS will continue to work with students to co-create transformative and supportive learning environments that cultivate strong and compassionate critiques and advocacy for effective social justice.

Thank you, DIS

What is Interdisciplinary Learning?

Interdisciplinarity begins with the belief that all knowledge is interrelated, that the world outside the classroom is not split into disciplines; rather, that historical events, cultural movements, social phenomena and intellectual endeavor are multi-dimensional, stretching from, touching on and influencing all forms of understanding, modes of behavior, and types and styles of thought.  By combining, juxtaposing and/or collapsing traditional academic disciplines, interdisciplinarity aims to gain a fuller and richer sense of the world.

The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies is home to the Interdisciplinary Studies Program (ISP), the Minor in Interdisciplinary Studies, the John Jay branch of the CUNY BA Program, and the Vera Fellows Program

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