Criminology Minor

Criminology Minor

Criminology Minor

Description. The Criminology minor focuses on the nature and cause of crime, the behavior of criminals and how society reacts to crime and criminals.

Minor coordinator. Professor Barry Spunt, Department of Sociology (212.237.8677,

Requirements. Students who minor in Criminology must complete 18 credits (six courses) at the 200-level or above from the approved list of courses below. No more than two courses may be used to satisfy credit requirements in the student’s major, other minors or programs.


Select six                                                       

SOC 203 Criminology
SOC 216 Probation and Parole: Theoretical and Practical Approaches
SOC 236/CRJ 236 Victimology
SOC 240 Social Deviance
SOC 301 Penology
SOC 308 Sociology of Violence
SOC 309 Juvenile Delinquency
SOC 312 Classical Sociological Theory
SOC 335 Migration and Crime
SOC 341 International Criminology
SOC 351 Crime and Delinquency in Asia
SOC 360/ECO 360 Corporate and White Collar Crime
SOC 385 Selected Topics in Criminology
SOC 420/CRJ 420 Women and Crime
SOC 430-431 Research Internship in Criminology
SOC 440 Senior Seminar

Total: 18 credits
Last Updated: 9/27/16