Conference Papers

Conference Papers

Conference Introduction and Logistics: Richard Rosenfeld & Karen Terry

Welcome and Comments from Jeremy Travis

Keynote Address: Franklin Zimring, University of California, Berkeley. The Game Changing Implications of New York for Criminological Theory and Crime Policy.

Eric Baumer & Kevin T. Wolff, Florida State University. Explanations for Contemporary Crime Drop(s) in America, New York City and Many Other Places View Video

Alfred Blumstein, Carnegie Mellon University.New York City Crime Trends and Those of Other Large Cities View Video

Avram Bornstein, Sophine Charles, Jannette Domingo & Carmen Solis, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY. Police Narratives about Racial and Ethnic Identities on Patrol.

Preeti Chauhan, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY. A Review of the Research Literature on the New York City Crime Decline.

Amanda Geller, Columbia University. Measuring New York City: A Cautionary Tale. (See Appendix DView Video

Jeffrey Fagan, Columbia University, Tracey Meares, Yale University & Tom Tyler, New York University. Street Stops and Police Legitimacy in New YorkView Video

David Greenberg, New York University. New York City Crime Decline – Methodological IssuesView Video

Andres Rengifo, Rutgers University, & Lee Ann Slocum, University of Missouri-St. Louis. Police Stops and Community Responses in the Context of the New York Crime DeclineView Video

Richard Rosenfeld, University of Missouri-St. Louis, & Robert Fornango, Arizona State University. Assessing the Impact of Stop, Question, and Frisk on Crime RatesView Video 

Freda F. Solomon, New York City Criminal Justice Agency. Adapting to Order Maintenance Policing in New York City – Examining Defendant Characteristics and Post-Arrest OutcomesView Video

Brett Stoudt, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Michelle Fine, & Madeline Fox, Graduate Center, CUNY. Growing up PolicedView Video

Cody W. Telep, George Mason University, & David Weisburd, George Mason University & Hebrew University. What is Known About the Effectiveness of Police PracticesView Video.

Travis Wendel, Richard Curtis, Jay Hamilton, Geert Dhont, & Robert Riggs, John Jay College of Criminal Justice. "More Drugs, Less Crime": Why Crime Dropped in New York City & the US, 1981-2007View Video

Michael D. White, Arizona State University. The New York City Police Department Crime Control Strategies and Organizational Changes, 1970-2009View Video

Min Xie, Arizona State University. Area Differences and Trends in Crime Reporting: Comparing New York to Other Metropolitan AreasView Video

Concluding Remarks: Richard Rosenfeld.