Completed Projects

Completed Projects

Professor Guoqi Zhang
Professor Guoqi Zhang was awarded nearly $60,000
in external grants after receiving funds from the OAR for
seed money.

Below you will find a list of the five most recent completed projects funded by the OAR (updated: 10/25/16).

PI/Faculty Department Funding Program Year Amount 

Robert Garot


Community Event



These funds were used to fund the "Sociology Talks" series hosted by the Department of Sociology over the past academic year. These events are aimed primarily at sociology students in order to engage them in important research issues. Each event brought in an average of 30 attendees in the Fall 2015. Due to increased publicity and direct email outreach in the fall, these numbers increased nearly 50% in the spring, averaging 44 attendees per event. These events involved talks from Dwight Smith, Ruth Milkman, Brian Sykes, Peter Grabosky, Terry Williams, Joanna Dreby, Aldo Civico, Karen Graham, Jeffrey Ian Ross, David Garland, and Jody Miller.

Crystal Endsley

Africana Studies

Enhanced Travel



This enhanced travel grant was used by Professor Endsley to offset costs related to her invited TEDx Hamilton College talk. She was invited to give this talk under the broad theme "Curiosity & Creativity: Uninhibited," where she explained the theoretical parallels of spoken word poetry performance and identity, critical pedagogy, and activism.

Jean Mills


Enhanced Travel



These funds were used to offset travel costs for Professor Mills' trip to Leeds, United Kingdom. During this trip, Professor Mills gave a plenary speech based on her monograph, "Virginia Woolf, Jane Ellen Harrison, and the Spirit of Modernist Classicism," to an international audience of Virginia Woolf scholars and those working in the fields of Modernism, 20th century British literature, Feminist theory, and peace studies. Her plenary, "Out-takes from Upstarts: Virginia Woolf, Jane Ellen Harrison, and the Heritage of Dissent," was well-received and initiated a rich discussion. 

Angela Crossman


Conference Reception Support



These funds were used to support a reception held by the Psychology department at the American Psychology-Law Society (APLS) Conference in Atlanta, GA. The reception was open to all conference attendees, and John Jay students, faculty and alumni were encouraged to invite colleagues to attend, serving as a great networking tool. More than 100 people from various programs and private practices attended the event, facilitating a great deal of interaction among attendees. 

Stephen Handelman

Center on Media, Crime and Justice

Enhanced Travel



These funds were used to offset costs related to the promotion of the Center on Media, Crime and Justice's work at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Criminology. In particular, the CMCJ was promoting their website for "The Crime Report" to bring awareness to the journalistic efforts at John  Jay.